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There are a variety of application methods and adhesive types. Remember that lace wigs are customized and personal. For example, one person may love a 18” 4/ 27 highlighted unit while another prefers an 10” 1B Deep wave unit. Your personality, lifestyle, etc all play a part in your lace wig selection. The same is true when choosing an adhesive(s). Your body chemistry, the climate that you live in, your activity level all play a role in determining which adhesive will work best for you. There are no one size fits all lace wigs likewise, no one size fits all adhesive exists. Some come close, but you will still need to add your personal touch to make the application just right for you. That’s why we are here to help you through this process!

Keeping this in mind, the following descriptions of adhesive types are simply descriptions and generalizations. There have been no studies on the safety of prolonged use of adhesives on the skin. Until proper studies are available, your use of these adhesives is at your own risk. It is HIGHLY recommended to do a 24 hour patch test before trying any new. Place a small amount of the adhesive on the inner of your wrist area and observe 24 hours later to insure that you do not have an allergic reaction to the adhesive. If the adhesive begins to sting, tingle or burn, more than likely you are allergic to that particular adhesive. This same theory applies to adhesive tapes as well. It has been proven that 1 out of 100 people have a skin allergy which prevents them from wearing any type of latex or toluene.

We believe that wearing a lace wig can fun and glamorous but shouldn’t be too much work! Our trained professionals will guide you through the proper fitting process and allow you to browse our huge inventory of lace wigs and hair pieces. We take the time to make sure you will not have any allergic reactions to any adhesives or tape BEFORE applying your unit. We also offer the “Sew in Method” which has been the number one requested application method over the past few sweltering months here in Houston. Be sure to stop by and see how it’s done!