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Hairline Protection

Inexperienced Stylists Can Destroy a Client's Natural Hairline.

The reason why wigs are being glued, taped or plastered to the heads of women is for the reason that the wigs do not fit the head properly. If the wigs are really "custom made" for a client, it will hug the face and lay “flat” with no adhesive necessary, unless the client is bald, or has a bald hairline. For clients that have full head of hair follicles, and/or have a full, thick hairline, using adhesive is absolutely unnecessary because they have hair to “sew” into. We offer an array of application methods depending on each client.

Every time a wig or hairpiece is removed after being glued or taped, hair and/or hair follicles are being ripped out. One may not notice it at first; it may take 3-5 times of the wig being removed. But once this begins, it brings about a condition known as Traction Alopecia, which is untreatable. Dermatologists cannot do or recommend anything to regenerate hair growth for persons with this condition, it is permanent. The only option for one with Traction Alopecia is medical hair transplantation, popular for balding men.

Women wear wigs to have longer, thicker or fuller hair. Or women wear wigs just to avoid thick troublesome hair that they just rather not deal with. They don’t go to someone to create a new and much worse problem. A wig or hairpiece has to come off sooner or later. One should want to look normal for that time- not missing their natural hairline. Beware of inexperienced salons and individuals who will shave your hairline and apply glue directly to your hair. This will cause your hairline to eventually go away little by little and there is no guarantee it will grow back.

Our experienced staff has many years of experience in the lace wig market. We have actually visited our factories and have completed several courses on wig production. Our experience, quality and expertise set us apart from any other company. We offer free consultations which will allow us to know the proper cap style and personalized fit for you.  We invite you to come in and browse our huge inventory of beautiful, durable lace wigs hair pieces. Come, experience the transformation!

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