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  • Lace Wigs and Loss of Hairline

    I have received a rack of new clients that have been frustrated with the losing their hairline due to glue and tape applications ripping out their hair. A good majority of these allegations came from kitchen beauticians and those that had their units applied in the back of the beauty supply. I personally do understand how hairline loss and discoloration around the hairline can take its toll on the average woman that wants to look and feel her best while wearing a lace wig. My first experience wearing a lace wig was back in 2004 and it was a disaster. I ordered a unit online from a company in New Jersey, took my own measurements and waited for my wig to come in the mail.

    Once I received my unit I remember taking the day off from work to have it applied, cut and styled. I was so excited, all I talked about was having a new look and being "Beyonce" for a few weeks. Well, this did not happen at all.... I rushed over to Bethel Wigs where I had an appointment with Kim to apply my unit. Her place was packed with ladies of all races, it was literally standing room only. As I waited patiently, I overheard her rude comments and conversations to a few of her clients, she yelled at one lady and said " You need to get your baby daddy to come pay for your wig or use the money you made from taking your clothes off last night"... this baffled me. I did not understand how these ladies would tolerate being insulted by someone who was applying their wigs.

    Nonetheless, I waited for over an hour and a half to have my unit applied. The excitement of being in the chair was something like strapping in on a roller coaster and preparing to have a great time on a marvelous ride. Without any warning I saw electric clippers closing in on my hairline!!!! OMG!!! Before I knew it, Kim shaved off my entire hairline!!!! I squirmed around in the chair and asked what exactly was going on and she explained "I have to shave your hair in order for the wig to stick"... Unknowingly educated about lace wig applications, I allowed her to finish. Once shaven, the lace was cut off of the wig and it was time for the application. There were so many things that I questioned during this period but I remained silent because the anticipation of wearing the latest hair trend overwhelmed me. My hairline was plastered with Ultra Hold adhesive which was dipped out of a jar onto a brush that was used on everyone sitting around me having their wig applied. I did question the sanitation of using the same brush on seven different women, but I just wanted that lace wig so bad.

    After observing the lack of hygiene at this place I remained quiet and waited for my glue to dry along with everyone else. I'm overly excited by now.... It's My turn!!!

    Kim attempted to lay the wig down and GUESS WHAT??? The wig was too small. She struggled and tugged which made me look like I had an instant facelift.... the wig did not fit at all. In fact, it looked more like a toupee because the measurements were totally wrong. although it was not Kim's fault she could have instructed me to try the unit on to ensure a proper fit PRIOR to shaving off my hairline and loading it up with glue.

    The hair on the unit was straw like and very coarse and it tangled within 3 hours of wearing it, the application was flawed and very messy, I had NO HAIRLINE and was out of $1,350.00 including the cost of the application. After crying my eyes out I had no choice but to remove the unit and search for someone to do an emergency weave. Here is where things went really wrong. I was not given any instructions on how to properly remove the wig... so I listened to someone who said they knew a lot about lace wigs... Geez! Another disaster!!! The young lady told me to use baby oil and oil sheen to take it off. Foolishly, I did so and yes, I lost even more hair!! It was bad enough that majority of it was shaved off but now I made a bad situation worse.

    I later learned the proper removal and application of full lace wigs makes a world of a difference when it comes to preserving your hairline. By shaving your hairline off, it makes you a SLAVE to wearing a lace wig. Think about it... what are you going to do with a bald hairline? You will be forced to wear a lace wig or a weave with bangs to cover the hair loss.

    It took me close to a year to grow my hairline back after being shaved and damaged from adhesives being applied directly to the scalp without a barrier in between. It is almost like waxing your eyebrows and expecting that hair to grow .... let’s be realistic folks. If you do not protect your hairline and apply adhesives every couple of weeks, you will lose your hairline, plain and simple.

    I do wear lace wigs quite often but we ensure proper application methods and most importantly PROTECTIVE Applications. It is also important to take a break from the glue and tape to allow your hairline to breathe and allow your hair follicles to have some time to rejuvenate. Wearing a weave or glueless lace wig is always a great idea for in between lace applications. Education about the product you are wearing is so important.

    My horrible experience with that Wig Salon prompted me to start my own business, My Trendy Place. I wanted to see more customers educated and offer privacy for women who did not want the entire salon to see what kind of hair loss she is suffering from. My Trendy Place offers complimentary consultations to properly inform customers about the products they purchase, services provided and realistic expectations of wearing lace wigs. We also allow you the opportunity to try on wigs to see what best fits your style and face structure.

    If you are suffering from hairline loss, we can help. Visit us at My Trendy Place 10350 South Post Oak Rd Ste C1 Houston, TX 77035. or visit us online at 713-723-2900

    We would love to see you.


    • 1. Sep 28 2011 1:46PM by Regina Fields

      I'm so glad someone finally came forward with this great information. I have been wearing lace wigs for over 4 yrs and I have no hair left in the front. I always thought you had to shave your hairline to get a good stick with the glue. I have been going to Kim for a few years and was told that it is the only way it will stay on the right way. Right now, I will have to keep buying lace wigs because I don't have any other option, I only have thick hair from the top of my hair down to my neck. Please tell me what can be done to regrow my hair. I was even thinking about a hair transplant.

    • 2. Sep 28 2011 9:58PM by Yemi Brown

      Thank you for calling inexperienced stylist out on this blog. My hairline was ruined by a lady that used to have a shop in the 2600 building in houston. They used two applications of glue and tape, I should have known something was wrong when it tokk 45 minutes to remove my wig and my hairline went with it. I will surley stop by your location to see how you apply wigs. I hope there is some hope for me.

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